Thank for stopping by.  My name is Kunbi Osinoiki, Founder and Managing Partner of Kunbi's Music Company.

My interest in music education started in 1997, when I read a Times Magazine article entitled “How a Child’s Brain Develops”.  That article had a profound effect on me and influenced my decision three years later to leave my IT Consulting career a few years later in order to buy into a music education franchise in the United Kingdom, which I ran for 12 years.  

Not long afterwards, Kunbi’s Music company was birthed in Lagos, initially offering musical experiences and instruction to children but later expanding to adult learners, often the parents of the children taking lessons.

The neuroscience of music continues to fascinate me and I keep abreast of developments in this field through my membership of various professional bodies including the Bigger Better Brains network.


The benefits of active music making on a person’s development and well being has been well documented. Click HERE to receive a download of our recommended reading in this area.   

The video below tells a little more of my story.  You can also follow my blog at www.kunbiosinoiki.com

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