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Kunbi's Music Company offers music education services to individuals, groups and schools in Lagos, Nigeria. Our Instructors are vetted and trained to deliver lessons to international standards as set by exam boards such as the ABRSM, Rock School London amongst others. We have a wide ranging curriculum with something for everyone, starting from Early Years through to adults. Tuition covers a wide range of instruments including Piano, Voice, Saxophone, Clarinet, Guitar and Ukulele. Our commitment to continuous professional development means that we employ innovative teaching methods including the use of technology in our lessons.  

We believe:

  • No one is too old or too young to learn music – this is true for pupil and tutor alike!

  • There are different pathways to the acquisition of musical skill – each one with it’s own merits and unique outcomes

  • Music education can and should be fun and engaging, employing a range of innovative teaching styles and materials

  • A broad and methodical curriculum is essential for success as a musician – including exam success. A curriculum should not be confused with a syllabus

  • Progress should be measurable

  • Teaching methods need to continually evolve in line with innovations in music education

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